film — USA — 2005

Nicole Kidman has sold her soul to the devil of mass consuption! Either this or she`s out of her mind. How otherwise could you explain the reasons an actress of her name and calibre would agree to do a film like this one? On paper it whole looks good - a popular actor who`s career has been on the decline recently hires a simple girl from the street to do the leading role of a witch in the remake of a sitcom "Bewitched". But little does he know that the girl (Kidman) is a witch herself. And little do I know that Kidman, supposedly a young and naive girl is in her mid thirties! Not quite type for a young naive girl. It was different on that real sitcom about the teenage witch Sabrina. Ok, in this film we at least get to see a living cat instead of a talking taxidermists patient. But we also get to see a romantic comedy with a script that was probably written by a single monkey in a limited amount of time, for otherwise the complete works of Shakespeare might have been the result. Jokes are silly, tricks are silly, dialogues are stupid, all supporting actors should receive a death penalty and Nicole Kidman should sign a paper prohibiting herself from ever seing anyone involved in this film again and prohibiting her doing films that I would dislike after the first 10 minutes. This is it, Nicole Kidman! Either this or you`ll do the cat in Sabrina!
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