Bulletproof Monk
film — USA — 2003

This film stars Seann William Scott - one of the few actors who`s most films I`ve already seen (yuck, this sentence sounds like crap but it`s too late and I`m too tired to think how to improve it). The only other that comes to my mind is Brad Pitt, altough I haven`t really seen that many of his films. So, what is this thing about? Knowing that S.W.Scott never does serious films you`ll probably say - this is a comedy. And you will be right. It`s pretty dumb, of course, but for a S.W.Scott film it also goes without saying. There`s this message that some Tibetan monks have been guarding for the last ... years (fill in any number you like). But the whole time the message has only one keeper, a person that lives 60 years without getting old and that can fight like a real menace. But in WW2 fascists killed most monks and an especially nasty fascists almost got the message (it`s the kind of thing that makes you live forever and gives you more power than Bruce Lee had in his prime). And now in circa 2000 a young thug (Scott) in America is about to become the next keeper of the message as the monk from Tibet meets him and the thug named Kar starts fulfiling some silly prophecies. But then the fascists come again and start doing their nasty shit, for you know that underground Hitler support troups exist even nowadays. And even in your back yard! Yeah, for sure. Anyhow then there`s also this crazy chick that meets Kar somewhere below the city (in the underground) and that falls in love with him (if you put it that way) and that can also fight like a menace. The film is an action flick with lots of silly comedy - a bit like "Welcome to the Jungle" with the same S.W.Scott. Dumb but at least partly fun.
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