Monty Python and the Holy Grail Bonus DVD

It probably can`t be classified as a single record but should instead be separated into different elements that don`t have too much in common. On the other hand, discussing bonus material as such seems to be a silly thing. Yet for a whole disc of previously unseen (at least by me) material I can make an exception. First, this disc features a documentary about Terry Jones and Michael Palin revisiting most of the locations where "The Holy Grail" was shot. I never thought that those guys worked under such money saving circumstances that they shot almost all scenes in a single castle which has only about 3 different rooms but in the film it appeared to be a lot of castles and dozens of rooms. The things they talk about on those locations they go are worth to be heard as well. This documentary also proves how extremely significant to Britain this legendary film has become - you can nowadays buy coconuts at the castle where king Arthur was harrased about European and African swallows. But enough about the documentary already. Let`s talk about another documentary. It was done by BBC in 1974 on the shooting locations. Despite having got all 6 pythons on screen it ain`t too useful, for it`s mainly goofing around with very little substance. Both Terries shine on this documentary more than the rest of the sixpack, mainly due to the fact that it was them directing the film and therefore receiving more attention from the BsBC. Other materials aren`t that extensive - there`s a short new film about splitting coconuts featuring Michael Palin and some unknown fellow, there`s a bit of old posters and bashing reviews (one of those states that "Holy Grail" makes "Ben Hur" look like an epic. To me it was "Life of Brian" that really made "Ben Hur" look like an epic). Oh, I almost forgot - there`s a short part of the film done in "LEGO". It`s goofy, of course, but not particulary interesting. As for the final judgement - only a Python fanatic would care about those things. But on the other hand - I am a Python fanatic!
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