Little Britain: Episodes 4 to 8

The more you watch it the less interesting it gets. The characters repeat the same jokes most of the times. Lou and his not really sick friend Andy who always says: "I want that one" and later says "I don`t like it". Vicky Pollard and the dumb "yeah-but-no-but-yeah" stuff. The Scottish guy with his flute is kinda ok. The fatfighters things don`t go nowhere, the transvestite Emily Howard is dumber than dumb, and Anne, the crazy person ain`t too diverse. Oh, I do like "The only gay in the village" though. By the way, the extras don`t make it much better. After having watched "The Rock Profile" best-of I came to think - if it`s the best these guys can come up with in the field of immitating pop-stars what would be their worst? They aren`t too good with make-up, their jokes are mostly rubbish and they can`t even pick up the right stars to make fun of. For example, where the hell did they forget those nice and cuddely Gallagher brothers? And the thing is only getting bigger and bigger, despite the fact that after having seen season 1 I`m sure I won`t need no season 2.
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