Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

Would you believe that Paul McCartney is over sixty? It ain`t far till the day when he won`t be allowed to sing "When I`m 64" anymore and will have to change it to "When I`m not 64" - there was a Latvian song titled "When I won`t be 16 anymore", which by the way was a crappy song and has nothing to do with Paul`s new album. Is it right that I call him just Paul? Or do people get punished for not calling Him `Sir Paul McCartney` on the Internet? Anyhow, he`s got a new album out. It starts off with the energetic "It`s a fine line" which somehow reminds me of the Electric Light Orchestra and that song "It`s a living thing/It`s a given thing". After on Paul more relies on doing sad ballads which doesn`t come off as a real surprise. "Jenny Wren" is an accoustic song that could have been a Beatles demo record, where it not sung by a 60 year old man. "Friends to Go" is also a Beatles songs, circa from 1965. "English Tea" sounds to be a later Beatles composition, more in the style of "Maxwell`s Silver Hammer". "Certain Softness" is good. I also like "Promise to you girl" which is one of the most rocking tracks on the album. The one thing that bugs me is that at his not so young age Paul still writes mostly love songs. Jesus, he can`t be thinking seriously that people will believe in his sincerity. His lyrical capacity doesn`t seem to be much stronger that in 1964, but he ain`t a good looking young fellow no more. Hey, I don`t really think that he was that good looking back then. I`d put George in the first place, then John and Paul was only better looking that Ringo, but even that not always.
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