film — USA — 1998

Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson. That`s impressive, isn`t it. A strange spaceship is found in the pacific ocean that seems to have been there since the 1700s. A group of scientists including the already mentioned trio and a guy whos name I`m not familiar with gets on the board of the ship and discovers a strange goldlike sphere. It proves that the sphere is a living thing and that one can enter it. The trio of stars are the only survivors in a submarine after the others die under strange circumstances and they have to find out who the strange fellow named Harry communicating with them is, also needing to stay alive. I can`t really say that this was a smart film, not really. It was a bit strange, a bit creepy but not particulary good. Sci-fi may be one of my favourite genres but not every film in it is good. Talkin` about "Sphere" I gotta say there`s nothing really in it that will make me remember much about the film in the years to come. Basically a throwaway.
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