The Football Factory

A film about football hooligans. Man, are those people stupid. They don`t care about the team who`s supporters they supposedly are, they only care about kicking each other as hard as possible. I may be a fan of footy but I`d prefer to have at least a single goal on screen when I watch a football film and not only a lot of fighting pricks. The message of the film may be a positive one, but I don`t care. Some people claim that the film is meant to be idolizing those hooligans but I really doubt that, I`d rather say that the film had quite a lot of struggle in terms of a plot which is close to non-existant. At some stages the film tries to be funny but doesn`t quite succeed at that, at others it tries to be a lot like "Trainspotting" but it ain`t trippy so it`s mainly silly. Yet I can`s say that I didn`t like it, I just don`t think that there`s a need for films like this one in the world.
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