Secret Window
film — USA — 2004

Stephen King meets Johnny Depp. "Good day I bid you" says Stephen King. "Howdy, partner!" says Johnny Depp. Not likely to happen? Not likely to write a correct sentence. Sentence me wrong or sentence me right I don`t mind.
"Secret Window" is a film about a writer who`s had some psychological problems after his wife left him and who`s a bit nuts right now. Everything`s fine yet until a strange man from Mississippi comes to his house in the country and claims that the writer (played by Johnny Depp) has stolen a story he - the farmer (played by John Turturro) had written before him. When the writer who`s name is something similar to Reimi refuses to admit being a thief, the farmer who`s name is Shooter starts killing dogs, burning buildings and acting as a madman. The only problem is that noone apart from Reimi has seen Shooter. The twist at the end was about as predictable that I had a clear idea that Reimi and Shooter were the same person already when they met each other the first time. Yet the tension is developed quite well in the film and the lack of unexpected moments didn`t disturb me at all. On the other hand I found the film to be quite a good one, although calling it unpredictable would be silly. Johhny Depp is a good actor for sure, probably John Turturro is better than him (but not better looking) at playing a madman but who cares. Like my girlfriend said when she saw Johnny wearing an amish hat and preparing to kill his ex-wife: "I`d ask him to take me before killing me, so sexy he is." And that`s true. Although I wouldn`t want to make out with Johnny Depp. No, really not, I`m not gay even if my web site is in yellow which many consider a queer color.
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