The Merchant of Venice
film — USA — 2004

Why do people still make new films after William Shakespeare`s plays? Maybe because they`re really good. Maybe not. I don`t know. I`m not a fan of good ol` William`s work. For instance I haven`t even read the play on the jew of Venice. This film has Al Pacino in the role of Sheilok, the jew. Who were the other actors I don`t remember. Some people claim this film to be antisemitic. I claim those people are out of their minds. Ok, they may go and crucify good ol` William Shakespeare, but it won`t change a lot. The film was done quite professionally, without having too much of political correctness and the wit of Shakespeare was still there. Probably I could have enjoyed it more were I a huge fan of classical literature. Yet since I`m not I can say that despite being a good costume film it wasn`t much more than that - a good cast + a good script don`t make a great movie. You need some magic in order to feel the touch of god in a piece of cinematography.
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