The Notebook
film — USA — 2004

I`m not exactly the most romantic person in the whole wide world. But that doesn`t necesserialy imply that I can`t enjoy a good film "for ladies only". "The Notebook" is a typical example of such a film. An old man reads a romantic story to a woman that has lost her memory. The whole thing happens in a nursing home. It`s no big wonder to learn that the characters in the story and the old pair are the same people. Yet once again you don`t really need to be surprised. It`s interesting to watch even if you know what`s going to happen. This film ain`t flawless for sure - and I doubt that any melodrama in the whole wide world is. And it`s not a film that I would want to watch over and over again (not that were are many films I would). You can`t say that too many famous actors are involved in this film but that`s no problem either. So - watch it if you want to shead a tear while watching a film. In case you don`t and in case your eyes are hurting from sitting at a computer all day long - don`t. I`m going home, that`s for sure. And there`s no use stopping me.
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