Alles auf Zucker!
film — Germany — 2004

Jacky Zucker (full name Jacob Zuckermann) is a Jewish fellow living in modern Germany who`s life hasn`t been particulary successful after Eastern Germany ceased to be (he was a sports journalist back in the days of the GDR but has become some sort of a sluthouse owner nowadays). Jacky has a very bad relationship with his wife, his daughter doesn`t speak to him and he doesn`t seem to have too many friends. He also has a lot of debts and his only chance to stay over water is to win a billiard tournament that`s gonna be held in Berlin the very next week. Yet everything changes when a telegram arrives that his mother has died and that he and his religious brother Solomon will get a heritate only if they make up and spend a week together as a good Jewish family. The problem is that Jacky doesn`t feel Jewish at all, and his wife isn`t Jewish even by blood not only by heart. But what doesn`t one do for money? So the whole thing gets kinda silly but it`s perfectly good for a person like me - a one that knows enough about Jewish traditions, about Germands, and for a person that doesn`t have anything against a good laugh. And a good laugh you will get from this film without a doubt.
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