Wegen Reichtum geschlossen
book — Germany — 1998

Amazingly despite being written by a German playwright that I haven`t even heard of "Closed because of richness" proved to be quite a nice little comedy. Max and Rosa, his wife, suddenly win a lot of money (it`s not mentioned how they win it) - 11 millions in total. After that they close their little shop and start having fun from life. Since neither of them is prepared for that sort of situation what they do is simply buying junk and throwing money away as if it was won in a lottery (and it probably was). They encounter a lot of people that want to benefit from their stupidity and they allow those people to achieve their goals. Max and Rosa are basically good-for-nothings that could have done fairly well when they were normal people but money spoils them instantly. I doubt that this play has any lasting value but I can imagine fairly well to see this performed on stage and I suppose I would like it there as well.
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