War of the Worlds
film — USA — 2005

If there`s one thing which I don`t understand conserning Steven Spielberg then it is why he is considered to be a great director. If you hear the name "Steven Spielberg" in connection with any film project you automatically start drooling expecting something miraculous. Well I have to admit I don`t! Ok, he may not be a bad director but most of his stuff is typical Hollywood blockbusters not intending to be something like high art. "The Schindler`s List"? I haven`t seen it and don`t intend to, I know enough about the Holocaust already. "Sawing private Ryan"? Had it been "Sewing private Ryan" I`d probably be interested. But war movies bore me. Indiana Jones? Yeah, sure this is the most elaborate kind of filmmaking ever, Orson Welles and Ingmar Bergman can`t offer anything to match the glory of Indy.
Still I was intending not to diss Steven Spielberg and his work as such but to say that "War of the Worlds" is a mixture of "Day After Tomorrow" and "The Independence Day". You have a family that gets separated, you have a global catastrophe (ok, it`s aliens this time just like in that 4th of July film) and you have last moment heroics. Tom Cruise doesn`t convince me, the plot isn`t thick as a brick and there`s very little in this film to make me remember it for a long time. Oh, and Herbert Wells`es original book is boring as well.
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