Blood of a Poet
film — France — 1930

I`ve never quite understand what lies behind my choice of films. It seems quite unreasonable to consider it a strategy, a much better description for it will probably be the word "random". For example, although "Blood of a poet" is considered a classic I am absolutely convinced that it`s almost impossible to enjoy a silent film nowadays. But no, I still decided to watch this film. As if I cared about how influential Jean Cocteau is. No, I don`t. Anyhow this film is somewhat crazy, of course, just like most films of surrealism are. The only similar film to it which I`ve seen so far is "The Andalusian dog". Blood of a poet is considered to be a perfect description of the way an artists mind works. Which is just another proof that I stand absolutely no chance of ever becoming a true artist. To me it was just visually interesting (especially considering the year the film was made and how little special effects were available at the time) but in terms of content empty film. The film starts off with a man drawing a face on paper when suddenly the mouth on the face becomes alive, as the "poet" wants to close the mouth with his hand the mouth moves on to his palm. The last place where the mouth stays its location is on a sculpture which also comes alive. Then the poet smashes the sculpture. Apart from that you`ll see buildings collapsing, a woman being connected to wall and lots of other senseless stuff.
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