Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
film — USA — 2003

Dear Johnny Depp, I am writing you this letter to tell you just how much I love you and how I want to spend my life with you. I`ve seen all your movies and I loved every single one. I consider you to be the best actor since Moses and the best looking man since Jesus. I want to hold you tight and I want to be your lollypop. Ok, maybe not.
But the fact remains - I watch more and more movies staring J.D. and I usually tend to like them. Perhaps that`s a sign of my latent homosexuality (yeah, sure!).
Enough about my personal anomalies - you either know too much them already or you came to this page after typing "Latvian teen kinky sex" on google and in that case you`ll dissapointed no mater what I write and what I don`t write.
In its essence "PotC" is just a fairy-tale, but who am I to make fun of fairy-tales? Still there`s a typical problem that most films of this category suffer from - the cheesy sugary feeling you can`t get rid of even after taking a beer shower (a note: beer contains sugar). "The princess bride" was a perfect example of sugary lead characters which corrupted the whole aura of the film. As for this Pirate`s film it`s by no means perfect - Orlando Bloom`s (Legolas) character is the typical good hero of a fairytale and he is about as unpredictable as a rotten mushroom. J.D.`s character on the contrary is a completely different story. His replics are witty, his looks are perfect and he never bores me. Ok, he may be looking like Cher but at least he doesn`t have a face lift. If I wanted to be pecky I`d say that the story had significant holes, that some characters didn`t always act according to their former behaviour, I`d probably even make fun of Elisabeth having painted lips and polished nails after having spent some times in a cave full of pirates and her hair still looks perfect. But I won`t do that, although the lips and nails were funny indeed. Heck, I`ve sunk to a level when I rate a film positively simply because I like a single actors performance in it! Probably it would be the best for me to stop writing this factoid. Well maybe not.
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