The Revolutionary Quest

I`ve been a fan of quest games since I don`t know. Probably since I first played "Kings Quest 5", a very fine game for sure but it may seem a bit dated in the modern cyber-crazy world. And so after a long starvation with no quests at all I decided to give a try to a relatively new Russian quest. Although Russia may be far from the most progressive country in the world no one can deny that it has lots of potential in the area of programming and in the past I`ve enjoyed some of their quests - games like "Bratya Piloti", "Shtirlic", "Petjka" and other stand up proudly even in the presence of "LucasArts" or "Sierra Games". Sadly "The Revolutionary Quest" fails to deliver much joy into my life. First, the graphics are a bit plain and fail to convince me that 3D quests are bettern than those in 2D. But I`m not the kind of fellow to dislike a quest because of the graphics. It may be a perfectly logical decision by the makers of the game - an artistic trick so to say. What I want from a good quest is an interesting story. Although "The Revolutionary Quest" promised to have one it delivered very little of its potential. A modern student Vanya is sucked into the year 1917 while preparing to an exam on the October revolution. What he has to do is saving Vladimir Lenin from his enemies and help the Revolution to start. This would in theory provide a background for a perfectly funny partly historical game (similar to that of "Shtirlic" or "Day of the Tentacle"). But it doesn`t turn out to be that. There`s very little possibility for the player to decide for Vanya what he hero can do - there`s never a big number of screens where to go, you can`t pick up an object earlier than you`ve used the previous one - therefore the games becomes too simple for a quester like myself. Humour is present in the game but it isn`t particulary funny. So all we have is a simple game with plain graphics.
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