Le sagouin

I don`t know why but the records in this factoid tend to get smaller and smaller day by day. Once I used to write long sentences about everything concerning the book/film/album in question but nowadays it`s basically a one-liner with very little meaning. It may be me losing the faith in my factoid or I`ve just been too tired lately to come up with long descriptions even for books I`ve liked (since a book provides much more ground for a long discussion than a musical disc). Francois Mauriac has become quite a common name on this factoid although I have a lot of doubt whether I really like him. I read the first two novels because I happened to find a book by a French writer whom I didn`t know on a shelf at home. After that I completely forgot that Mauriac existed at all until I was at my girlfriends place and had nothing to read. So I made an inspection of books there and noticed a familiar name. This novel`s title can be probably translated into English as "The monkey". It`s the story of a child of 12 living in a castle with his aristocrate parents (his mother wasn`t actually an aristrocrate but the mayor`s daughter) who hated each other, the young boy lived worse than most of his peers despite being particulary rich on paper. He wasn`t a smart fellow by all means - he barely was able to read and write but the main thing he lacked in his life was love - nobody loved him for he was just an unwanted abuse for his mother who was ashamed of having such a child, while his father was a bit of an idiot and mostly just didn`t care. The mother tried to convince the local school teahcer to give private lessons to her son (in fact she only hoped to have an affair with the teacher). First the teacher found out that the boy wasn`t as terrible as it had seemed to him in the beginning but after a longer consideration he refused to take the boy which led to the monkey understanding that he was unwanted once again. And in the end the father drowned himself and took the boy with him for he saw that there was no place in the world for either of them. Sad, sad, sad.
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