film — USA — 2005

The year of 2005 began with a repeated watch of "Road Trip". 2004 started with Amenabar`s "Abre Los Ojos". What will be the tendency for 2006? Will it open with a silly teen comedy or as a serious alternative movie? By choosing "Thumbsucker" on a section of films categorized as comedies it seemed that the "Road Trip" agenda would be the chosen for this year. Yet in reality this film wasn`t particulary comic at all. If you are one of those people that consider a guy of 17 still sucking on his thumb a funny thing per se then the only thing I can offer you is a pie in the face. Justin doesn`t do particulary well at school, he`s far from convincive and he sucks his thumb - you can probably say that he`s the equivalent to "Napoleon Dynamite", better looking though. His mother is obsessed with some TV star, while his father hasn`t still come over the fact that he couldn`t enjoy a career of a professional footballer because of an injury. Still things aren`t going that bad for Justin - in Rebecca he`s found a good looking and a smart girl friend. If he only knew some ways of keeping a relationship going... Instead he`s first hypnotized by his dentist (who happens to be Keanu Reeves) to stop sucking his thumb and put on medication so he could focus his thoughts better. Drugs help and Justin suddenly has perfect discussion skills and he goes to compete as an orator on different occasions yet he also turns innerly into a very dislikeable person. When he stops taking pills he teams up with Rebecca again who has switched from Justin to weed and they smoke together as she overgoes some "teenage experiments" with him - learns how to do and what to do. When he finds out that they don`t have a relationship but merely an experiment he isn`t exactly full of joy. The film is certainly strange and the only movie similar to it I`ve seen so far was "Napoleon Dynamite" which I mentioned here already, but in comparison to "N.D." Thumbsucker is better cut and it doesn`t seem pointless.
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