French Animation: Flight

I don`t know why but I thought myself a fan of European animation. Maybe it had to do with me liking the collection of short European films I watched at the same place something like 9 months ago, maybe I just wanted to prove myself alternative. As for being alternative - the K.Suns cinema in Riga is the perfect place to see "alternative" young people. Most of the spectators at events in there usually look so out of reality that you can`t probably imagine how funny they are. In short - it`s a place where you`d meet a lot of people who look worse than bums and are proud for it. I got tickets for six hours of French animation but neither I nor my girlfriend had enough mental strength to stay until the end of it. Therefore we saw only two out of five programs of animation films.
"Flight" was declared the most funny/upbeat of the programmes. I guess the rest must be more depressive than a dying Nick Cave, since even here you didn`t get too much funny stuff. Some of the cartoons were good though - there was "The Monk and the fish" - a monk who tries to catch a fish that jumps out of water. "The flight of the Wright brothers" showed the pioneers of flight as children trying different silly ways to get off the ground. "Words through the air" was a romantic yet comic tale about a guy and paper airplanes. And the highlight came at the very end with a plasticine cartoon about birds in cages. I guess I would say that I really liked this program, had the longest not been the worst - a tale without a story but with disastrous music and disturbing, ugly images. And it ruined a very good programme.
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