Love Actually

Strange, so strange. Who would have thought that I would find this film good? Let`s think logically, for indeed we are people that never - I say never - base their opinions entirely on the "it`s so cute and cuddely" kind of attitude. No, sir. First, we have the facts. And what are the facts? "Love Actually" actually is a romantic comedy. You probably know what a romantic comedy tastes like. You take your two teaspoons of Jennifer Lopez, add a knife`s end of Matt Damon and here you have it - a romantic comedy. A film of this category is usually recognizable by a complete lack of funny moments in it. And what can you expect from a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant (oh, he`s such a cutie! - pathetic) and Mr. Colin Firth? "Bridget Jones`s Diary" would be the correct answer. But since I answered the question myself, no prize will be give. Screw you, Mr. lucky one! I don`t really why but I don`t like Hugh Grant at all. Maybe it`s because of my admiration of Johnny Depp. No, I hope not. But the fact is that Hugh Grant`s pretty face can`t be found on my "top of the poops" longlist. I do like his British accent and I can`t blame him for being a bad actor but he somehow doesn`t snap it for me. Still this film isn`t actually about Hugh Grant. Yes, he does play the prime minister of UK and he says some pretty straightforward things to the president of the United States, maybe that`s the reason why I have nothing against Grant`s performance in this film, but he still isn`t the true star of this film. Who is then? I don`t know. I like the probably bisexual dude at the art gallery, he`s cool and he looks like a fellow named Maanis I briefly know. Then there`s this funny guy named Colin who thinks that if he`ll go to America all chicks will want to have sex with him just because he`s British. Still the aging pop star Billy Mack is probably everybody`s favourite. Who else would have sung the brilliant "Christmas is all around" if it wasn`t for Mack? Who else would have not given a damn about anything sacred in this world? I don`t mean to say that this is a film of pure genius, that something like this can`t be repeated by anyone, anywhere and anytime. But this still is one of the best romantic comedies I`ve ever seen. And I feel such a total loser that I watched it alone and not together with my girlfriend who was studying for some exam. For this is a film to share with someone you love.
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