Der Grossvater
book — Switzerland — 1985

I wonder why it is that way that I tend to like Swiss literature much more than books written by German and Austrian writers. Whilst I rarely can enjoy a book written by a writer from Berlin or Wienna, I don`t need to force myself in order to enjoy a Swiss writer`s work. "The grandfather" is quite a compact story about a simple man living in a simple world (and he doesn`t prove to be as complex as the simple man in Chapek`s novel). The grandfather lives in a small village in Northern Italy and that`s where he meets his future wife, that`s where he tries hard in order to be able to survive in his builder`s job. I`m not so sure why I like this book - it`s nothing special, just a very sincere and probably even honest story, it doesn`t strike me instantly like a brilliant and pretentious novel by Umberto Eco, it isn`t funny and satirical as Franzetti`s compatriot Friedrich Duerrenmatt, it isn`t particulary intellectual for sure. But who needs intellectual aspiration anyway? I guess I`ve had enough of that from the terrible two books I took from the Goethe library the last time, so this time I have no problem with a book like "The Grandfather" whatsoever.
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