Brokeback Mountain
film — USA — 2005

Brokeback mountain is a tragical love story about two souls that urge to be together but but they can`t because others wouldn`t let them to. They just happen to be cowboys, they just happen to be gay and they just happen to be living in the South of the States. Donnie Darko (I can`t spell his real name correctly even if I copy/paste it from IMDB) and Heath Ledger (who`s called Ennis, Anus or Penis in this film - it`s a matter of what you want to hear) are two young cowboys who take the job of guarding sheep for a summer in the mountains. Whilst they`re there, a flame suddenly arouses between them which is expressed in the form of the good ol` in-and-out. But it`s not easy being droogies if you live in the South of the states, where faggots aren`t appreciated. Oh, now, they are usually viciously killed by the local rednecks and dragged around by their dicks until they fall off. Man, are those rednecks some twisted sick fuckers! Our heroes don`t get killed, but they have to hide their relationship, both of them get married and even get children but they can`t forget what happened between them at Brokeback mountain, so they`re left with no other option but to go occasionally "fishing" to the place where they love first appeared. Time goes by, but they are somehow quite stupid not to notice that the times change and that if they went a bit North they`d be out of the crappy macho world of the Texans and meet the glorious world of the 80s where being gay was already in fashion. Yet how can two cowboys from the South know that? They only listen to country music and participate in rodeos, or drink heavily, they have no chance to know what happens outside their little towns.
I have to admit that the film wasn`t even close to being as gross as I had heard it would be. So they make love, so they are kissing - if it were a hethero movie no one would say that it were explicit. Therefore I have no complaints for too much gay making out. I couldn`t have cared less for that. I`m also aware that the film was very masterfully done, a great experience for the eyes. But it doesn`t quite live up to the hype around it - I totally agree that the film isn`t about being gay but about relationships that aren`t accepted, but I guess had one of the characters been a woman no one would cared about this film. In that case it would be just another melodrama in the pattern of "Bridges over Maddison county". So, I think "BM" is a good film but far from a timeless masterpiece.
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