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I have a book with some of this writer`s most famous plays (although to be quite honest I haven`t heard anything about this Edlis person), but I found it too troublesome to read all 8 plays included in the book thus I read just the half of it. First, there`s "Where`s your brother, Abel!" - a play for three persons where two of them were in a German concentration camp once, and one of them changed sides while the other one was the only honest person to survive - a typical Soviet piece of propoganda. Numero duo: "Mess for the Virgin" - a strange play where Joan of Arc wasn`t burned by the English but replaced by a different woman and after that got married yet she felt that a part of her was left in the fire and that she wasn`t herself anymore - a very strong play indedd. So is "The game of the shadows" - a dramatic piece about Cleopatra and her lovers. The last play I read was the "Solomennaja storozhka" - a silly Soviet styled comedy which doesn`t get too funny but serves its political goals. Therefore summary there are 2 good plays and 2 bad plays, so as a whole this is pretty average, although I admit that some talent from the author can be clearly felt yet the "obligatory content" doesn`t let him really spread his wings.
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