Der kurze Brief zum langen Abschied
book — Austria — 1972

I would like to compare this book to Jack Kerouac`s "On The Road". With the precision that it`s written in German and therefore contains several typical German elements. It`s also quite in the same writing style as "The Goalie`s fear before the penalty shot" (which I read some months ago) - Handke offers the reader a journey with the hero through America of the 1960`s. It`s the age of the hippies, of the Stones, of Canned Heat and of looking for love in the strangest places. I would probably still choose Kerouac over Handke`s approach. This is the kind of literature where when you write about sex or something like that, you don`t need eroticism, it`s just written in the way - "so it is and I don`t care".
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