film — Spain — 1993

Was I out of my mind when I decided to watch this film? Supposedly, yes. How can it otherwise be explained that I gave the creator of "Bad Education", "All About My Mother" and "Talk to Her" one more chance? Ok, I do have another explanation for that - all of those films weren`t bad at all. And I thought - maybe when Almadovar was younger he didn`t make movies as full of perversion as he does nowadays. Now that was a wrong presumption. In "Kika" Almadovar uses most of his typical scenario elements:
1) there`s a deranged rapist who also happens to be a porn star that has just fled from prison and who indulges in a very long (and bizarre for that matter) rape sequence with Kika
2) his sister Huana is a Lesbian who has had sex with only one man in her life - her brother - so he wouldn`t go around raping other women (but since he`s a man with some libido her act was never enough for him), he has also fucked quite a lot of animals back in his childhood
3) Huana`s mistress Kika has a sexual relationship with her boyfriend`s stepfather
4) Ramon, her boyfriend, is secretly voyeuring upon her and he even calls the police when sees how Kika is being raped; he also likes making polaroid photos while doing the good ol` in-and-out;
5) his stepfather is a writer who writes about murders that he himself commits;
6) one of his victims is a transsexual person;
7) everyone is cheating on everyone;
8) there`s a strange woman that works on TV in a show where she shows scandalous sequences she has recorded herself - she`s even willing to let the murderer go if he will do an exclusive interview with her.
That`s just the basic facts. And now comes the punchline - I quite liked this movie. I know that everything happening in this film is very far from believable, but who cares - it`s a film after all! I doubt that this film is especially deep or insightful or even memorable - but despite all the perversion it was quite amusing to watch it. Which only leads to a conclusion that I am a pervert myself, although I couldn`t identify myself with any character in this film.
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