Pride and Prejudice
film — UK — 2005

I`m not sure whether I expected this film to good or bad. As a rule I`m not too fond of movies about Victorian or Georgian England - I`m not really the most sentimental fellow in the world and I didn`t like the first 50 pages of "Sense&Sensibility" that I managed to read (yeah, I know that it`s a different book). But on the other hand I tend to enjoy non-Hollywod movies better than those coming from the factory of dreams. This film proved to be neither exceptionally bad nor exceptionally good. There`s this family of quite good but not great origin that has five daughters in the right age to get married and everything seems to be going perfect when a very rich fellow comes to their village from London, yet his prejudiced friend named Darcy (and recycled for "Bridget Jones`s diary") forces him not to marry the oldest of daughters but to return to London. Meanwhile Darcy himself falls secretly in love with Elizabeth, the second daughter and the hero of this film (and most likely - also of the novel behind it).
At first the film was quite hard to follow for everyone seems to be talking in the high society manner where you use many words to say nothing, but as the film went on I grew accustomed to the strange kinds of expression the characters used. Still I guess it wouldn`t do nothing bad putting them all against a wall for talking the way they did. I`m a rabid fan of human rights, as you can probably tell.
This film IMHO suffered from the problem very characteristic for classical literature - it`s longer than it should be, and one can certainly feel that a certain number of symbols had to be reached for the novel or that a certain amount of seconds of material had to be shot for the film - it just drags and drags and I just want to sleep.
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