Final Destination 2

This is one of the cases when I watched a film just because I had nothing better to do. It was late in the evening on Saturday night and my wife (what a silly word to describe my girlfriend!) was asleep in a hotel room not far from the centre of Berlin, but I just didn`t feel like sleeping. I hadn`t thought of taking a book along, so I started watching this silly film that I had already seen in 2003 when it was still new. Actually I thought the film was a bit older but that doesn`t really matter. Basically it`s nothing more but a remake of the first part. A huge accident has to happen at the beginning of the film but one of the people involved saves the rest from dying, thus damaging the death`s plan. So death tries to get back at all those people for they already are on the list. The most interesting thing about this film is the various deaths of characters, mostly caused by household appliances. As for the rest - who gives a damn about the story in a film like this - it`s probably the accident death equivalent to a porn movie. As for the deaths they are planned masterfully, as for the rest - it`s a typical forgettable film that noone should care about.
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