This book is a legend, of course. It`s probably the first gothic/science fiction novel ever written and it isn`t the worst of the genre by any means. But I should have been living in a box in order to really enjoy it. The story isn`t flawless, the leading character is much too stupid for creating a monster and the monster itself is too fast evolving. A short summary: Victor Frankenstein is a man interested in natural biology and he just happens to create a living monster. Then the monster escapes from him and Victor almost forgets about its existence (the creature doesn`t have a name by the way). Then some two years later Victors little brother is murdered, and Victor has no doubt that it was the creature who did it. So he meets his creation and the monster tells him how he wanted to be good but how everyone was afraid and terrified by him so he became angry with his creator and started seeking revenge. After that the wretch (another word for the monster) tells him that he would be willing to leave for South America never to be seen again, if Victor would create a woman for him. So Frankenstein goes to England (he`s Italian/French/Swiss himself) and starts working on a new creature. But then he realises that monsters like that would spread all around the world in that case (it means that they were sexually reproductive) and that humanity would blame him for that. So he tells it to the monster, who gets angry and promises to be with Victor on his wedding night, after which he kills Victor`s best friend. So Victor returns home and starts preparing for the wedding - the monster`s words about being with him on the wedding night somehow have slipped from his mind. And you guess what? The monster kills Elizabeth, Victor`s wife, on their wedding night! Who would have thought of something like that! Anyhow the daemon tells Frankenstein that he`s very upset that the master was expecting to be happy himself when he knew that his creation was bound for long and painful suffering. And after that Victor starts following the creature all around the world and trying to kill him at which he doesn`t succeed. Silly, isn`t it?
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