Goldfish Memory
film — Ireland — 2003

"Did you know that the memory of a goldfish is only three seconds long? Every time they turn away and see each other it`s like the first meeting. Aren`t humans when they fall in love the same?" That`s a very imprecise quote from the film, that stills gives the main message of the film. What is this film all about? It`s about how fragile relationships are and how stupid people are that just fall out from one relationship to be dragged into another? There`s quite a lot of heroes in this film, so it was a bit hard to keep every one of them in memory even during the film and it`s even more complicated now. Tom has a relationship with Clara, but starts cheating on her with Isolde. Rosie is David`s girlfriend but he doesn`t seem to care for her much. Instead he turns out to be gay and falls in love with a man named Red. Red is Angie`s best friend and a gay, Angie is lesbian and she has a crush for Clara so she turns Clara into a lesbian (oh, and that doesn`t stop Angie from making love to Red once - who cares that she`s lesbian and he`s gay). After Isolde has had an affair with Tom (and Clara has dumped him therefore) she has sex with Tom`s colleague Larry. When Tom finds out he`s a bit angry. Meanwhile Angie and Clara split up for Clara isn`t ready for a monogamous relationship. So she teaches Isolde the pleasure of womanly love. But Isolde isn`t ready for a monogamous relationship and has some sex with some one named Shane, and that lead to the collapse of this lesbian relationship (although Clara has something with her friend Conzo as well). Tom meets a college teacher named Renee that tries to change him. Tom learns to know Rosie and they nearly got married, but on the night before wedding Rosie has sex with another man and decides that she may not be quite ready for that. Angie has found a new girlfriend - a certain Kate and they decide to have a child but their plans go wrong when Angie founds out that she`s pregnant from Red. Nevertheless they decide to stay together and keep the child. And as a bonus they have two fatherly figures - Red and David who have formed quite a strong relationship. Oh, and Clara starts a relationship with Isolde from the beginning, whilst Tom has given up his dirty activities - he doesn`t tell anyone about goldfish anymore and he doesn`t offer women to read Rilke out loud for him, he marries Renee instead. And the film ends with Clara and Tom getting together and Clara giving him the goldfish speech.
I guess this story would be enough for 10 hours of "Melroseplace", but as a whole it`s a bit pathetic. First, I hate it when it happens on film - you meet someone, have a few drinks and ten minutes later you`re in bed together, and it doesn`t even matter whether the person you`ve just met is a man or a woman. Then - how can a film like this end with several relationships that seem that they could last (Red+David, Clara+Kate, Tom+Renee) after the entire film has been a proof for the contrary. I also don`t like the concept as such - c`mon are people that degenerated that after having had a hard splitting up they just can`t live without having sex with a complete stranger for a single day? Take Rosie for instance - she is shocked when David changes her for Red, that`s ok with me, so she goes to a bar with one of her girlfriends, and that girlfriend says - what you now need is any kind of sex, yeah, that`s true for she hasn`t been together a man for say, a day or so. So she meets Tom, has sex with him straight away, after a while they decide to get married. A few days before the wedding Tom goes somewhere North in order to meditate - and that`s enough for Rosie - she has sex with the first person to meet, all of her girlfriends encourage her at that, of course, and she completely forgets that nearly got married to Tom and goes away in that new fellows car laughing when writing a letter to Tom. Isn`t that a bit ugly? I think it is.
Overall - most of the things happening in this film would be very unlikely to happen in real life (I hope, although I may just be some kind of an idealist).
Oh, and I looked up on the IMDb - this film won two awards at a gay and lesbian film festival, that comes as no wonder to me.
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