A Very Long Engagement

The latest at the moment film by J.P. Jeunet reconnects him with the biggest star of any of his film - Audrey Tautou whom he made really big in "Amelie". As it`s quite characteristic to Jeunet most of the other actors have also appeared in his films before, most notably in "Delicatessen" and "City of the lost children". "A very long engagement" is probably the most realistic of the major works done by Jeunet (I`m not counting "Alien: resurrection" as a major work for obvious reasons, for it`s merely a try to get more money). Five French soldiers are condemned to death in WW1 for trying to injure themselves in order to get away from the war. Those include an ex-carpenter, a former peasant, an ex-pimp, a technical worker and a young boy named Manech, who`s fiancee Mathilde is waiting for him at home. They are sent to no man`s land where they are bound to be killed either by the Germans or by the French. Now, when the war is over, Mathilda still wants to believe that Manech is alive and she finds to find any survivors from the group of five. She is being helped by being rather wealthy from the money her family`s lawyer got her when her parents died in an accident when she was litte. She is a bit limited because of her legs that don`t work really because of some injuries that she has suffered. And then she learns to know that she isn`t the only one looking for survivors - so is Tina Lombardi, a prostitute and lover of the pimp of the group. Could she be on to something? I don`t want to tell much, I only want to say that this was one of the best war movies I`d seen so far and that I would now even be ready to see "Cold mountain" although I have some belief that the latter would be a bit more patriotic than "A very long engagement".
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