Lunkebergs Fest
book — Germany — 2003

I`m not really sure why, but I believe that there is a tendency for me to rate collections of stories higher than novels (in average). And "Lunkenbergs fest" applies for this rule. The book contains 11 stories and most of them are good. The first one - "Das Totenschiff" - is a strange tale about a man who somehow kidnaps the tourbus he`s on, although he has no intentions for that. So he decides to ask as the kidnapper for the following - he asks his boss to let his workers leave work one our early today for there`s a holiday coming up, yet his boss refuses to speak to Ebert. "Der neue Mann" is a story that goes to her mother`s place for Christmas to meet the mother`s new friend but the whole thing doesn`t go very well. "Das Los" tells the story of a East German man who won the lottery in the West but wasn`t informed about that. "Kleine Taenzer" is a funny piece about an old rock band playing a boring event (by the way it`s dedicated to a song by Elton John - "Tiny Dancer"). It`s followed by the best story of them all - "Samstagsspiel mit Sallinger" - it`s about a dad who tries to be cool for his kid (and being cool means listening to "Green Day" and "Papa Roach") but who doesn`t convince the boy and who still regrets that many years ago he didn`t go to meet again a woman that offered him to read a book by Jerome Sallinger. At the end the book gets a bit boring though, so I won`t go into any more details.
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