Heaven Has No Favorites
book — Germany — 1961

Actually I can`t really say that I`m much of a fan of Remarque`s work, although he`s a very strong novelist indeed. His writing manner in "Heaven has no Favorites" hasn`t changed much from his first novels - it`s clear and quite simple (which by the way isn`t typical for German literature), and in his essence Remarque isn`t much of a German really, relying much more on the French heritage than that of a German. I have no problems with that, of course, for I`d choose frog legs over sauerkraut any day you choose (well, I may be lying but who gives a damn). As for the story: Lilian stays at a sanatorium somewhere in Switzerland where she is slowly dying of tuberculosis but when she meets a car racer who`s come to meet his sick friend, she decides to spend the last months of her life living and not dying. So she does.
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