Eurovision Song Contest finals
other — Greece — 2006

The event was quite funny, of course, for the quality of music doesn`t really matter in an event like this, but it did have some positive sides. My favourites included the Lithuanians who performed a song called "We are the Winners of Eurovision" and who were booed by the sick viewers in the hall (in the end it gave Lithuania the sixth place among 24 contestants - not bad at all) and the rather crappy Finnish hard rock band "Lordi" who were memorable by two reasons - first, it played hard rock in an event like this yet wasn`t hard rock that made them stand out but their appearance. Imagine a band of monsters playing an event for grandmothers! I can`t really understand how come Lordi won, but that`s a fact "Hard Rock Halleluyah" became the first heavy song to win this silly competition. What`s good that at least they beat the crappy half naked girls with no voices but with silicon lips. In terms of pure quality this event was far from good, of course, but it was quite funny to watch it (I especially like the vote counting part of this event). This doesn`t presume, as you can probably imagine, that I`d watch this thing once again under any circumstances.
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