Symphony on Ice
other — Russia — 2006

That was surely the first time in my life I went to see figure skating, and I wouldn`t be too surprise if it happened to be also the last. I had free tickets for this event from my work, so me and my wife went there just to see what it was. Actually I was expecting it to be a small and insignificant event that no one would be going to see, but I was very far from the truth with that guess. There were literally thousands of people in the new Arena Riga where the ice hockey world championships had finished just a few weeks ago. The event was organized by some Russians, therefore there were more Russians than Latvians in the arena (that`s no surprise actually, for Russians are much more a figure skating nation than Latvians). Among the participants of the event there were several figure skaters, whom even I knew - Anton Yagudin, Jelena Sokolova, Jelena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, Alexander Abt and some others who also had had medals at some Olympic games or World Championships. This event wasn`t particulary interesting to watch over a longer period of time, for there`s not very much one can do while figure skating and a sports event without results is like hangoever without a drinking the night before. So we left. It was rather funny though that Liene, my wife, managed to sneak in with an illegal can of Coca Cola (she`s addicted to that stuff, you know what I mean, in case you know me, what you do, of course), telling the security men that she had "a very small umbrella" in her purse.
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