Unlocking DaVinci`s Code
film — USA — 2004

This one hour long film was supposed to reveal some part of the mystery around the mysterious things in Leonardo Da Vinci`s works. Contrary to the Dan Brown novel, or the film, this is supposed a documentary, yet in fact it`s a conspiracy theory thing, of course. Every argument one might have against the 9-11 conspiracy theories, stands here even much firmer. I remember watching a similar documentary last year and some of the "experts" from that film reappear here. So it seems that the number of people willing to participate in this sort of stuff is quite little. As for the extent of how believable this all is - it`s very, very far from believable. An old man presents us with words that seem to note that the film intends to reveal some secrets, but it doesn`t do anything. Basically it retells all the conspiracy theory elements Dan Brown employed asking some "grail experts" and "symbolic sex experts" and "lunatics" to comment what they think about it. Unsurprisingly they all agree to their conspiracy theory, still they don`t manage to show anything worthy. Had I not been working paralelly to watching this film, I`d call it wasted time, as it is I call it just a crappy documentary.
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