Match Point

I never thought this could happen to me. Come on baby, let me see. I`ve seen films by Woody Allen before but today he just knocked at my door. Everybody`s got something to hide except for me and my monkey. L-O-L-(a).
Enough of useless words. "Match Point" is a rather typical film by Woody Allen, typical in his form of never polishing his work too much, so it wouldn`t look too forced. What it isn`t typical in is the lack of Woody himself in the film. And I`ve got to admit that it`s a real relief. The man is a maniac, after all, and a 5 feet 1 tall sexual maniac with a Jewish origin, sexual libido of a porn star and personal problems of a Eudipus isn`t exactly what I`d call "a jolly good fellow" after having few drinks too much. So in "Match Point" he uses young actors instead of his own person, which is fine by me. It has Scarlet Jochanssen as an American actress (as if she wasn`t one) who`s engaged to Tom, an upperclass Englishman. The film also has Chris, played by Jonathan Ryes Meyers as a former tennis pro who makes it to the upper class by marrying Tom`s sister Chloe, yet what he really wants is Nola (Scarlett), and after she`s dumped by Tom, they have a secret relationship one with another. When Nola gets pregnant and wants Chris to come out with their secret, he brutally murders her and takes an elderly lady along, so it would look like a drug murder. What`s good about it that Chris isn`t your typical villain, he just likes the rich man`s life too much, so he makes the reasonable choice. And the match point - when he`s killed and robbed the old woman he tosses all her posessions into Thames, but her wedding ring bounces of the "net" and it seems that it could destroy Chris` life. Yet the ring is found by a drug addict who commits a murder and then dies himself, so there`s no doubt to the police officers (who were ready to investigate the case of Chris and Nola, for he had a motive and she had a diary) that the killer was the drug addict. So the moto of the film is that luck is a much more important factor in life than most people tend to believe. Remembering that it was a Woody Allen film, which means that the energy level in it ain`t especially high, I have to say that it`s a good film and that I liked it.
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