book — Austria — 1967

There`s this pattern that`s usually true for me: if a book in German is boring, it`s written by a real German. If it isn`t boring it`s either written by a Swiss writer or the writer has some Jewish blood. And if it is more than simply boring - the writer must come for Austria. Thomas Bernhard is considered a genius. Still I think that this book is unreadable. Apparantely the story goes like this - a fellow goes together with his father to visit some of the fathers patients (the father is a doctor) and stories about those patients are told. Still everything doesn`t flow at all but it just rots. The only part of the story I can remember from this book at the moment is the one about a man who had a huge collection of living birds and then he died and his brothers killed all the birds so they can stuff them. It took me several weeks to read these less than 200 pages and I fell asleep many times in the process.
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