I Heart Huckabees
film — USA — 2004

Now this is what I call a strange film. Probably not as strange as "Mulholland Dr" but at least as strange as "Being John Malkovich". Albert Markowski is a nature supporter who fights for saving a marsh from it being destroyed by a big company. Still he can`t succeed by himself so he joins forces with Brad Stand of the Huckabees company which becomes the main force in saving the marsh. Albert isn`t sattisfied with his life so he hires a couple of existential detectives who would help him find the meaning of his life. He`s introduced to Tommy Corn - his "other" - together with whom he tries to learn how everything is connected. The male detective (played by Dustin Hofman) says that the universe is like a blanket where everything is different and still is the same. A strange film.
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