When time was dying

If there is such a thing as B literature, Robert Clausen doesn`t qualify for it. I mean there are bigger writers and smaller writers, but Robert Clausen is best viewed through a microscope. For instance, if you type "Robert Clausen" in Google, you`ll get 813 replies. Bernard Schlink gives you 21800 replies. Jenny Erpenbeck - 67900, Irmtraud Morgner - 28200. And as you can see, those aren`t the most popular German writers either. Thomas Mann can be found on more than 3 million pages, therefore you can see that Robert Clausen is very "alternative". This novel of his is actually a crime story where a man (named Lenz or Lorenz) falls in love with a prostitute and then kills the prostitute, her boyfriend and himself. The main hero (Philip) is the friend of the murderer. As a book of such genre it`s quite easy to read and mostly - very easy to forget. I have nothing against unpopular literature really, but this Clausen person seems a bit too unpopular for my taste.
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