Passport disappointment


When I went to the office of citizenship and migration affairs this morning I somehow expected not to wait in a queue for too long. After all when I went there approximately a month ago and I arrived one hour before the opening of the office there were 7 people in front of me and out of those only one was there to receive the new passport. Today I arrived as early as the last time, only there were 20 people in front of me already and 7 - to receive passports and not to submit documents. And when the office doors were finally opened I was unpleasantly surprised that in the room where passports are given out only one person gets let in at a time (in comparison to three persons let in for document submitting).
Still I didn`t have to wait especially long - as it takes on average 2 minutes per person after 15 minutes I was the proud owner of a new passport. What disappointed me about it - is its colour. Many people are complaining that it`s similar to the Soviet passport but in reality it is in the colour of the Latvian flag - dark red and not bright Soviet red! What`s unpatriotic about having a passport in the colour of your flag? The quality of my photo in the passport (or better - the lack of it) is a different issue. Also I don`t have a nationality written in the passport (Latvian would be too obvious, Jewish - too risky, Elf - I`m not sure that it`s allowed), only the height which of course nobody measured and I could have easily been classified as 2.10 meters tall. But for now - 1.93 will do (although I`m pretty sure that I`m taller than that, I just don`t want to be classified as a giant - an elf would be a different issue, no doubt).