Back to the Madona part X


Today we got up much earlier than usual as we had decided to take the semi-annual trip to Madona. What have we lost there? We are not fans of this city but as we are in a life-long and devastating process of having two pieces of land put into the Land Register and as most of the tasks should be done in person and in Madona (around 160 km from Riga) going to Madona isn`t an unusual business for us at all (and, off course, we need to go there on work days because otherwise everything will be closed). So far our experiences with state institutions there hasn`t been exactly brilliantly pleasant. One occasion was especially thrilling, when upon returning to Riga I wrote this entry - The reasons why I love this country, I`ve also written down my speculations on the rapidity of the land registration procedure. Actually today wasn`t as bad as it could had been expected (with the exception of unplanned expenses for some bureaucratic crap) and if there had been less road works I might had come to work before 12:00, but so approximately 30 minutes were lost waiting. If all goes well the next trip to Madona (most likely to be taken in August) will be the last for some time.

* I am aware that it should be written "back to Madona" instead of "back to the Madona" but I don`t give a damn about being grammatically correct. Or polite for that matter.