Finally something unexpected


Yesterday`s results at EURO 2008 finally brought the first sensations - France drew goalless against Romania and the Netherlands got an unexpectedly high victory against Italy. I know that my rankings did presume a draw in the France-Romania match, but I`m more than sure that this was considered a sensation nevertheless because despite its high position in the rankings Romania is undoubtedly considered an inferior team to France.
But on the other hand those results aren`t sensational at all. A couple of days ago I talked to ZIN about the perspectives of Romania at EURO and I said that it`s quite likely that the French will have trouble scoring and that their match against Romania could end 0-0, meanwhile Italy is known as a slow starter at big tournaments, so there`s not much wonder in their loss.
However I hope that this will keep up - that Italy will not qualify from the group and the group 1. will be Netherlands, 2. - Romania. I don`t want the French to win this time as they already have won enough in the past decade. Quite unlike Romania.