Licence to multiply


One of the most fascistic plans ever to appear in my head is to make reproduction a privilege instead of a right.
What do I mean by this sick idea? It goes like this - if you want to have a baby, first you have to provide evidence that you are qualified - that you`re not a useless alcoholic, drug addict, degenerate of any kind and that you would be able to provide for a baby. And that applies to both a man and a woman. There are tons of reasons why I believe that such a radical measure should be introduced including:
1) otherwise there`s quite a strong possibility that "Idiocracy" could turn into a visionary film, as it is quite characteristic that it`s a global tendency that way too many children are born to parents that according to all common sense should not reproduce at all;
2) it could be one of the measures to stop inheritable diseases like AIDS (and diseases of the mind in some cases);
3) why do you think are there millions of starving children in the world? Isn`t it because their parents should had though before sticking the weenie in the bottle (pardon my French)?
4) Overpopulation. Have you ever heard about such a problem. The resources of our planet are not limitless and the more there is of us, the worse it gets.
And that`s not all, of course. The main contras to serious birth control usually fall within two categories:
1) if there are not enough children, who will pay my pension when I`m old?
2) otherwise our nation will die out.
My reply to number one is: do you really believe that your well-being depends entirely on the number of young and strong working lads? If people can build machines to produce goods, with a reasonable system of division of the wealth there shouldn`t be any problems letting you have a good pension despite the reduced number of children.
And the "nation dying out" question. Let`s ask a different question. What do you prefer: the entire planet dying out (all kinds of lifeforms, not just people) or the population of your nation being reduced by, say, a half? (and not through catastrophes but through systematic planning)

Yes, I know that this may sound like crazy-talk and maybe even like nazi-talk, but are you sure that the simple fact of someone possessing a penis makes him a qualified father and having a vagina - a good mother? How come you can`t drive a car without a licence thus endangering the society, but there`s no problem for two HIV infected drug addicts having, say, 8 children?

I have absolutely no idea how on earth such a system for controlling birth could be introduced, who would control it and how it would work, but I`m convinced that it would be a good idea.

And what do you think?