The best song in the world?


Yesterday was a great day. It was not great because of something I did (as I did nothing special) or something that happened (as nothing too special happened to me yesterday), but it was great because of something I found. And you know what I found? I found that on youtube you can find the timeless classic - the song "Mazcenais Mobilais" by Duets Sandra. Of course, it is not a music video as this "band" probably doesn`t have the cash to put a video out, but who cares about videos anyway?
Here it is:

Yes, you probably know this song as "Is this way to Amarillo" by Tony Christie, but who cares for originality anyway? Especially considering that even the original is a very silly song.
And if you still haven`t had enough of crappy Latvian "schlagers", here`s something probably even worse - Kaija from the infamous band "Bruģis":

And as I`ve already posted here two of the best examples of crappy Latvian music, as a special bonus (if you buy from this universal broom right now!) I will give you some additional links to schlocky disastrous Latvian music:

(this is the legendary "don`t tread on the fuckin` ant" by Dālderi)

("Es nevaru būt balts" from the `incredible` dance band "Tranzīts")

I hope you enjoyed our today`s educational program - Latvian music in action.