My football project coming to close? nope


When I started my football project - that is writing about history of football in different Latvian cities, my goal was to write about 19 cities. So far I`m done with 17. Only Ilūkste and Preiļi remain on my waiting list and I don`t really know how soon or not soon I will be able to complete those, as I have very little information on them, but that will probably be solved at some point of time. However there`s an issue that is more important (at least to me) - during the process of writing about city X, I always find out something that I should have written about city Y, plus several of my articles were really crappy and need to be updated, in order to meet any criteria on quality. And in addition to it I`ll probably continue writing new articles - but not about cities but about specific football clubs. Therefore most likely I`ll continue writing about football at least until the end of the year.