I don't hate art


It seems that my descriptions of our Italian travels have led some people to believe that I`m one of those people who would rather die than enter a museum and that I would prefer a carrot over a Modigliani. Although I am really not much of an art buff, this statement is very far from truth. Several times over our Italian trip I planned: we will visit an art gallery in that city, but when we arrived there and there were crowds of people waiting in endless lines my enthusiasm faded.
In my days I have been in some exhibitions and museums that I find amazing to this day - including the British Museum in London (I still can`t believe that the entrance there was free), Tate gallery in London as well, the Guggenheim museum (there was an exhibition of early Picasso when I was there) in New York and even Natural history museum in New York (yes, I have been to the location of the Hollywood comedy "Night at the museum" which I personally didn`t find too thrilling).
There are painters (and to some lesser extent - sculptors) whose works I admire, and there are the ones who I don`t care about. But the thing with museums is a bit complicated as I kinda believe that for most people visiting... I don`t know... the Louvre or Tretyakov gallery is not about enjoying the art but about showing off - I have been there, I have seen the Mona Liza, the giraffes and elefants and the Sunflowers. And that`s something I don`t really like too much, and I`m not willing to wait for several hours just to be able to tell my friends and colleagues: "I saw the Last Supper - it`s really nothing special, every CGI animator could come up with something better." I`m willing to give up time for something that I`m really crazy about but for not just for an entry in the photo album.
That in short would be my life philosophy on museums.