First day at new work


Today is my first day at the new work. Basically that`s all that I can report it at this very moment - I am still awaiting instructions what my exact job will be. So far there hasn`t been a lot of action. However I remember that the first day at my previous work was very similar to this one. Next Monday I`m off to Slovakia for training. What`s good that despite the fact that the training lasts 2 weeks, I`ll be home for the weekend between those two weeks. That`s a nice touch.
Cycling to work takes a bit more time than to the old place, but I still managed to get here within 25 minutes, so it`s ok. The nearby cafeteria is cheap, that`s a plus. It may not look too splendid, but that I don`t mind. Time goes very slowly as, like I said, I don`t have really anything to do.