Operation Steppenwolf: Table of Contents


This is an entry with links to all parts of the description of my Ukraine-Romania-Moldova trip.

- Intro and Riga - Odessa
- Odessa - Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
- Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi - Tatarbunary
- Tatarbunary - Vylkove - Izmail
- Izmail - Galati
- Galati - Cahul (+20km)
- Cahul (+20km) - Cimislia (+40km)
- Cimislia (+40km) - Bender - Tiraspol - Kitskany - Odessa - Riga

Facts and figures:
- total cycling distance: around 1000 km over 9 days
- 2 new visited countries (Romania and Moldova); 3 - if you count Transnistria as a separate entity
- 3 found geocaches
- water (+yoghurt +juice) drunk: around 50 litres
- 4 nights spent couchsurfing, 4 nights in a tent, 2 night under strange circumstances in Odessa
- expenses: minimal
- impressions: maximal

special thanks to:

my parents
my friends
couchsurfing hosts and their friends
cyclist in Ukraine who shared the road with me
speed selling guy
medieval knights
Romanian man who shaked my hand a long time, trying to remember the words Good luck
Ukrainian godfather and his gang
another Romanian in the conversation with whom I did not understand a single word
two friendly Moldovan policemen
Shura Balaganov
Moldovan farmer who gave me water from the good well
many smiling children
Moldovan saleswoman who did not sell me old yoghurt
border guards who were friendly and helpful
Moldovan man who was surprised how many kilometers I had already done when I met him
Ukrainian tourists who gave me some water when I had none
first man in Odessa to wish me luck on the journey
old man by the bridge in Tiraspol
boys by the bridge in Tiraspol
nosey Transdnistria border guard