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I have never been a huge fan of Blur - the band that brough Graham Coxon money, fame and glory. And that`s the reason why I didn`t fall extremely fast for his latest record. What can you expect from a guy from a band that you don`t particulary like? Probably a record that you will find ok, but certainly not much more than that. Probably it would be just the case, hadn`t I recently found some interest for Britpop and similar kind of music. I don`t really know whether this record had any hits, but for good ol` me it`s a nice 45 minutes of easy listening mostly upbeat rock music. "No good time", "Hopeless Friends" and "Freakin` out" are the best songs on the record to my bet. This album probably can`t shake no big ground and make Graham Coxon the coolest guy on the planet Earth (this title already belonging to Vanilla Ice), but I can`t make me say that I don`t like this kind of music. So, it`s probably nothing terrific, but I like it, and why shouldn`t I?
2004-12-11 00:00:00
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Love Travels At Illegal Speeds

Today, on January 23, 2006, I`m listening to the new Graham Coxon album, released on March 13, 2006. How can you explain that? Either I`m very close to Coxon`s record company (or G.Coxon himself for that matter) - and that`s a thing I wouldn`t mind as you can probably guess; or there are other options. I`m not sure whether Coxon is still a total drug addict like he was in his Blur days which were probably really blurred but I`m sure that he hasn`t lost the golden touch he once used to have when writing songs. His new single "State of mind" (which is coming out in February) doesn`t impress me though. As a whole the record is quite agressive and a bit punky with Coxon sounding like Johnny Rotten quite often. I like the beatlish "You & I" a lot, that`s the best song on this disc in my opinion. Maybe it`s not entirely beatlish - it`s more something like Beatles meet Lou Reed. "Gimme Some Love" sounds as if it was taken directly from "Never mind the bollocks", especially if you change its title to "EMI" or something like that. On some tracks Coxon doesn`t try to be a big punkster though and then he sounds like on "Don`t believe anything" - boring. From the sentimental songs I`d probably choose "See a better day" for my collection of Coxon`s best, it`s moody and nice but not exceptional.
2006-01-23 00:00:00
music, 2006