Be Nice To Yourself At Least Once A Day

Jee, once again a record with a title almost as long as the LP itself. "Man" was an obscure British band that became famous for its song "Erotic", featuring the sound of an orgasm. So I guess it would be a wild guess if I said that the title of this album means "Masturbate at least once a day". So what? And what`s in its content? Since my mp3 files don`t provide lyric sheets I`m not so sure what the concept of this album is. There ain`t that much of singing, on "Bananas" the text goes something like "I like marihuana/cos it gets me stoned". Probably it was true for the band. Musically it gets no complaints from me despite the fact that the record basically is just jamming without a real purpose, but it`s quite good anyhow. Probably you wouldn`t want the entire world of music be like "Man" but for its own purposes the record works quite well.
2005-06-30 00:00:00
music, 1972